Lee Sondeno

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about me

I’m an IT professional working for the greatest city in the world, helping to solve some of the greatest social challenges of our time. I am also a musician, armchair theologian, coffee aficionado, member of The Society of G.K. Chesterton, and a member of the Order of Preachers as a Lay Dominican.

I share some of my experiences in and around New York City, keep booklists of what I’m currently reading, and drop random quotes & thoughts on my microblog. I also help produce my daughter’s podcast, Scattering Flowers.

the longer story

The difficulty of explaining “why I am a Catholic” is that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true.

G.K. Chesterton, From Twelve Modern Apostles and Their Creeds (1926); reprinted in The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton, Vol. 3 Ignatius Press, 1990

Having spent the majority of my time in ministry serving as a musician and praise & worship leader, my wife and I were called to a deeper, sacramental relationship with Jesus and his Church in a dramatic way during the COVID pandemic in 2020, and now have a passion for sharing with others our journey to the fullness of the Faith. You can read the written story on The Coming Home Network or watch our interview on The Journey Home.

A few years later, I left the corporate world behind and traveled 2,500 miles across the country for an opportunity to work for Public Housing in New York City to help improve the lives of people who need it most. It was then that I began the formation process of becoming a professed member of the Order of Preachers (ordo praedicatorum) with the Lay Fraternities of Saint Dominic in the Provence of Saint Joseph, Eastern USA.

I’ve also had the privilege of sharing our journey to the Faith on a few other occasions, including the Uncommon Sense Podcast from The Society of G.K. Chesterton and Seize the Day w/Gus Lloyd on The Catholic Channel.